It is a matter of common experience, that things get more disordered and chaotic with time.

Stephen W. Hawking

DISORDERED DESIGN is an freelance web designer's interactive studio - one man but many faces. What I do is professional graphic design and web design. In fact, much more.

Here you can get to know more about me, see my graphic and web design portfolio, meet my services and hire me.

Graphics, web design, and...

  • Do you want to improve your sale, promote your products or services, get more clients, reach the market?
  • Do you want to build strong positive corporate image?
  • Do you want to share your findings, passions, views with others?
  • Or you just want to say "here I am!" to the World?

If even one is YES, welcome. I work for people determined to exist in the Internet.

DISORDERED DESIGN provides professional complex web design services: individual, extraordinary, and unique graphic design (you can be sure your site will be the one and only), web site usability and accessability, copywriting and effective SEO - whatever you need to get to people you want to get to and show your best face.

Web design is one, but I can more - logo design, corporate identity, e-learning, DTP and so on.

Who am I?

DISORDERED DESIGN creator is freelance webdesigner based in Krakow, Poland. DTP.

I've been working in graphics and web industry for 8 years. During this time I have worked on a wide range of projects including web sites, large content management systems (CMS), logo design & identity branding, SEO projects, e-learning projects, print design projects and much more.

My skills? - Web / UI / Print / Logo design, Flash, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, SEO, CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Moodle).

I work especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), non-governmental organizations and private Clients. Live and work in Krakow, Poland, but look forward queries and commissions from Clients all over the world.

I have many faces. I'm climbing, cave exploring, want to build my own house. I am fascinated with so many things but web design above all. My passion becomes my job.

Welcome at DISORDERED DESIGN site - Krystian Buczak.


  • web designing and web creating - from graphic design, through forms, XHTML/CSS, functions, text, to presentation in the web;
  • copywriting - to write what your clients want to read;
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - to set your website on the top (of Google, and so on);
  • corporate identity, logo design;
  • e-learning projects

I care about W3C standards, usability and accessibility standards. I create all projects and ideas by myself, but if you have any visions, ideas, suggestions, propositions - please, welcome!

How do I work?

Each Client is the one - you will get what you really need. Each website I make is unique, extraordinary and suit you and your image - looks good and is intuitive to use.

Website creating is several necessary steps process:

Project goal analysis
I try to get to know a company / person, the product / service and the purposes of the website I will create. It is also the moment to discuss a Client's expectations.
First proposal
The first proposal of the website's layout is presenting to the Client - the concept contains the arrangement of elements (logo, header, content, footer), colors, size, etc.
Web design, feedback, and further work on project
After the first proposal we start a negotiation stage where my propositions and client's feedbacks are discussed. It is the most important part, we work until we find that "this is it!".
Slicing, coding, copyrighting, SEO
My projects are complex, highly usable and up-to-date. I attach importance not only to appearance but also to content. I create projects that have large chance to be important part of the Internet.

Additional services

  • Hosting and server management
  • Statistical analysis and reporting
  • Newsletter and HTML E-mail Design
  • Blog management
  • Training
  • Usability and accessibility counseling

Do you need a piece of my work in PDF file?

Here you are (about 1,5 MB) English version | Wersja polska

Fundacja WSPINKA

Fundacja WSPINKA

It was brave idea. There was a plan to create climbing website without climber's silhouette. Additionaly this project provides another feauture - periodic change of site colours. Cool ...

Bellas Artes

Bellas Artes

Very interesting project. Each independent designer can create his own boutique and sell own products (jewelry, clothes, etc.). This gallery is continuously improving and I'm a fan of it.

Twoje Biuro Rachunkowe

Tax Advisory

Guidelines were very simple - to create usable, simple and intuitive project of the website for tax advisory business. Based on Wordpress + little bit javascript. Have we succeeded? It is really worth to check it.

Strona internetowa projektu Polypheme


Building and renovation firm's website. Creating this was an unusual and interesting experience and great challenge. Client was attached to his bold logo - I had to fit all design to it.

Strona firmowa Biura Dokumentacji Budowlanej

Biuro Dokumentacji Budowlanej

The website of firm that helps people to get through all bureaucracy issues to build a house. I started creating this site with work on logo designing, what helped me to select the rest of elements. This website is bright and clear, intuitive, business colouring.

The front site of Babinski website

Babinski Hospital

Current design is a proposal of refreshing the old one (also made by me). I emphasized functionality and colors. I used my own pictures. New website and CMS tests are well under way.

Polypheme project website

Polypheme project

Krakow is an excellent place for international projects, also the virtual ones. This website has been created in four languages at the same time... Work, stress, work - just like in interactive studio. Design refers to project's topic - violence in the family.

CD, DVD covers, broshures, businesscards

Print design

Web designing is not all - I design and create print materials also, like business cards, stationery, presentation folders, brochures, leaflets, CD's and DVD's covers, and so on...

Do you want to hire me?

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